Klicker Mat — Underfloor Heating Foil Mats

KLICKERMAT® Aluminium Foil Heating Mats are designed for use under KLICKERFLOOR® which can be installed in all areas including wet environments like bathrooms and shower rooms. KLICKERMAT® mats are a combination of heating cables encased in an aluminium foil.


The aluminium layer above the heating cables acts as a heat dispersion medium and earthing grid making the product suitable for use in wet areas like bathrooms or shower rooms.

Installation Guide
KLICKERMAT® Radiant underfloor heating

KLICKERMAT® Radiant underfloor heating

Radiant heating is the most efficient form of heat distribution. The radiant heat in the form of Infra-red energy radiates throughout the room. The objects and occupants are heated first and then gently warm the surrounding air.


• Quick Installation – simply roll out the mat and fit to floor


• Suitable for use under floating KLICKERFLOOR® Vinyl-Click Flooring


• Fully earthed aluminium foil, suitable for use in wet areas


• Dry installation – no self levelling compound required


• Low build height – only 7mm when used in conjunction with KLICKERLITE® insulation boards.


• 0.5m width – which can be cut and turned to form rows


Space and cost savings   •   No Radiators – No Boilers


Frequently Asked Questions
(Pre Sale)

KlickerMat® Foil Mats


DO NOT OVER SIZE MATS – mats can ONLY be installed in square and rectangle areas and care should be taken to pre-plan the layout and sizes required. Multiple mats can be installed for better coverage. Always prepare a mat layout sketch before ordering. Mats are 500mm wide.


Allow for 50mm minimum around the perimeter – floor mounted furniture such as Kitchen units, central islands, bath, shower, pedestals and sinks. ALWAYS prepare a layout plan for your mats and cuts.

Safety Guidelines

KlickerMat® must be controlled with an approved thermostat and its control instructions such as KlickerTouch®. Flat bottomed furniture MUST NOT BE placed over areas where the heating mat/cable is installed as this can restrict airflow to the floor, causing thermal blocking, and in extreme cases may lead to the cable overheating causing a possible fire hazard. This also includes rugs, bean bags, or any item which has a tog value greater than 2.5.


The heated floor area should not be drilled or nailed as this could damage the heating elements.

Can I install the heating mat myself?


Foil heating mats are easy to install by following these simple instructions. Thermostat Probe must be installed before the mat goes down. Mats must be installed with ‘This side up’ label visible. Always leave a 50mm minimum gap around the perimeter. Never fix the mat with staples or clips. Only the final connection to the mains supply must be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician. Polarity – either of the internal conductors can be used as live or neutral. Braded cable is the earth screen.

Can I install the foil heating mat directly on top of a subfloor?

No. The mat must be installed on top of KlickerLite® insulation boards. This prevents damage to the mat when weight of the floor furniture and people are added.

KlickerLite® Insulation boards

What area do I need?

Available floor area + 10% for wastage.

How do I install?

Must be laid brickwork fashion and taped together with Heavy Duty Fixing Tape

Frequently Asked Questions

KlickerMat® Foil Mats


Mats MUST NOT be overlapped – edges must be touching or have a very slight gap but NEVER overlapped and this will cause overheating and premature burnout of the cables.


Always test the resistance of the mat before, during and after installation to ensure that there is no damage to the elements prior to laying KlickerFloor.

Can I reduce the size of the mat?

No, the foil mat cannot be shortened. It is important to buy the correct foil mat size for the area to be heated. Check all floor dimensions before commencing laying. If the foil mat is obviously too big for the area return if to the branch to exchange it for the correct size. As a guide – available floor area – 10% (exclude all floor mounted furniture in the room. Only black ‘lead’ cable can be cut – if they are asking then they have a mat that is too large!

Is KlickerMat® only guaranteed when used with KlickerFloor®?


KlickerTouch® Thermostats

Error message ‘EXT1’

Likely to be floor probe in wrong port or loose connection – must by wired to ‘EXT1’.

Error message ‘EXT2’

Installation menu – change Regulation to either ‘Air + Floor’ or ‘Floor only’ mode for bathrooms where the thermostat is external to the room.

Thermostat doesn’t start

Check if the product is correctly wired. Press the RESET button through the small hole under the product on the bottom right corner.

Warning logo is displayed

Press the warning logo at the bottom right corner. More information on the fault will be displayed i.e. the sensor or the fault type (error, floor limit…) if error refers to the sensor check the sensor connections and check the Regulation type (Air/ Floor/ Air + Floor…).

Thermostat is working but heating doesn’t work correctly

Check the connections

Thermostat is working but temperature in incorrect with programmed trimming

Check the clock. Check the temperature settings for each time period. Check the timing steps are not too short. Check the Regulation Type (Air/ Floor/ Air + Floor…). Check the sensor connections. Check external sensor type (10k, 12k, 15k) should be set to 10k.

Any other questions call Wetrooms on 0141 641 0071